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His Story,

My Story

Introduce People
to Jesus

Meet Jesus
in His Stories

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This resource for small groups was prepared to introduce seekers to Jesus. But it has proven to be helpful to Christians also.

It is well-suited for people from non-English speaking backgrounds. It has also been effective with those who cannot read.

How it works

Each session begins with a sharing exercise.

Then a Bible story is told—three times! This idea comes from Australian evangelist Sam Chan, and his award-winning book, Evangelism in a Skeptical World.

The first time, the leader, or someone who can read in a lively way, reads the story. The second time, they show pictures as the story is told. This innovation has proven surprisingly effective. People say they love it. The third time, the group tells the story. This idea also came from Sam Chan.

Then comes discussion. The group members themselves lead the way through six questions. The questions were devised by Australian Gospel-story-telling evangelist, Christine Dillon. They have been used in international missions, and also in Western nations.

  • Session 1.
    Mark 2:1-17 Jesus heals a paralysed man

  • Session 2.
    Luke 8:22-25 Jesus calms a storm 

  • Session 3.
    Luke 8:40-56 Jesus heals the bleeding woman and raises Jairus’ daughter

  • Session 4.
    Luke 15:1-27 Jesus tells the parable of the prodigal son

  • Session 5.
    Luke 19:1-10 Jesus rescues Zacchaeus

  • Session 6.
    Mark 15:1-39 Jesus is crucified

  • Session 7.
    Luke 24:13-35 Jesus Appears on the Road to Emmaus Acts 

  • Session 8.
    Luke 24:50-53, Acts 1:3-11 Jesus promises the Holy Spirit and Ascends into Heaven

  • Session 9.
    Acts 8:26-40 Philip Explains About Jesus 

His Story, My Story is hosted by the Salvation Army Mission Toolkit site, the Australia Territory.

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