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Our People Media is a production house for Christian resources for The Salvation Army, created by Major Peter Farthing.

Peter in studio.jpg

In Fox Studios, Sydney, when recording soundtrack for Our People.

Peter was a university student, reading a novel, when he read the sentence: ‘I guess my job in life is giving people chances.’ It was as if God spoke, and the thought formed in Peter's mind: ‘That is my job in life: to equip others so they can serve.’ 


He has been doing that ever since.


He has taught in 10 different Salvation Army territories, and also at the International College for Officers.

Peter wrote and co-produced the documentary, Our People: The Story of William and Catherine Booth and The Salvation Army. That film won Best Documentary at the International Christian Visual Media Awards. It been seen by more than a quarter a million people. He also wrote 1865: The Year that Made The Salvation Army.


Currently, he and Dr Roger Green are writing a biography of Bramwell Booth.


Executive producer for video production.

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